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Hello. My name is Brian and this is my wife Holli. I am The BATDRONE. I have always enjoyed video and photography and was able to do it for a living for a while. I worked for a company in East Texas for several year producing TV commercials for local businesses and hospitals along with bigger names such as Brookshire Brothers. I eventually moved on to designing artwork for outdoor billboards where I was able to hone my skills a bit in Photoshop and Illustrator. It was a completely different medium with its own set of challenges that was very enjoyable to meet. After that I completely changed fields which made video and photography become my hobby. One Christmas my wife got me a drone and I began  to learn the ins and outs of drone photography. A year or so later my wife had a great idea to call it The BATDRONE and thus here we are today saving the world one frame at a time.

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